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DOB: 10/28/1996


Years Racing



  • 2017 Tour Of Poyang Lake Stage 2, China- 7th 

  • 2018 La Vuelta Independencia Stage 3, Dominican Republic - 3rd

  • 2018 La Vuelta Independencia Stage 5, Dominican Republic - 2nd

  • 2018 Gastown Grand Prix, Canada- 5th

  • 2018 White Spot Delta UCI 1.2, Canada - 7th and Best Young Riders Jersey

  • 2018 US Professional Criterium Nationals - 8th

  • 2018 US U23 Criterium Nationals - 2nd 

  • 2018 Chico Stage Race RR Stage 2- 1st 


Criterium Racing, All-Arounder



Eagle or Hawk

What would/ do you do to save the planet:

I am pretty environmentally friendly in my everyday life as I try to commute by bike in my daily errands. I also really try to live by the Reduce, Reuse, Recycle slogan.  However if I were to challenge myself and the community I live in more, I would have to say trying to protect open space lands as much as possible.


San Diego has many canyons and open space preserves that interconnect our city. Much of the undeveloped open space that we have is owned privately and is continually been developed into more houses and storefronts.


I think our responsibility as a city and community isto protect these open lands and potentially offer incentives to the companies or individuals who own these open lands to keep them open. If we don’t, the building will continue until many of the canyons and mesas will be uninhabitable for the wildlife who once lived there.

This is just a problem I’ve seen in my own city as it becomes more populated but I’m sure countless other cities and states need to focus more on keeping undeveloped land protected. 

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