Help Support California Bill AB 1788 to ban 2nd generation anticoagulant rodent poisons

Our hope through the creation of this team is to promote not just a logo on a jersey, but genuine action through activism. By supporting this team, we want you to know that you are helping to promote genuine change with regards to the treatment and welfare of our environment and its natural inhabitants. And you can now be a part of that change. California Bill AB 1788 to ban anticoagulant rat poisons, a known killer to California wildlife that are exposed to it, has reached the Senate. Written comments are urgently requested to be in to Senate offices by 12:00pm PST on Monday, May 27th.

Send an email to the committee at and and ask them to vote YES in support of AB 1788 in order to take action to help sustain a peaceful coexistence with us and our animal neighbors, and preserve nature’s beauty that makes riding a bike so enjoyable

When emailing to the committee members, you can use this sample letter, or write your own, with the subject title, “Support AB 1788 Bloom.” If you use the sample letter, just modify the letter with your information. Letters both from individuals and from organizations are great, so PLEASE SHARE THIS WIDELY!

You can use the talking points below to help write a message. Please note that your name, residential address, and zip code must be included in order to be considered by the committee.

  • The scientific evidence is clear that anticoagulant rodenticides – particularly Second Generation Anticoagulant Rodenticides (SGARs) – have a massive impact on California’s ecosystems. The state must act now to prevent the continued degradation of our wildlife and environment.

  • According to a study from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, an estimated 70% to 90% of various tested wildlife species in the state were found to have SGARs in their systems.

  • Both First and Second Generation Anticoagulant Rodenticides are responsible for wildlife deaths and sublethal impacts, and neither class of rodenticides should be used on state properties.

  • These poisons harm humans as well as animals. Between 1999 and 2009, the American Association of Poison Control Centers received reports of an average of 17,000 human exposures to rodenticide each year, with 8% of those exposures occurring in children less than 6 years of age.

If one of the following 5 committee members are your senator, please ALSO CALL THEIR OFFICE to tell them that you are a constituent and ask them to support AB 1788.

1) Patricia Bates, 916-651-4036 (R – South Orange County – North San Diego, along the coast).

2) Jerry Hill, 916-651-4013 (D- San Francisco Peninsula and part of Silicon Valley)

3) Nancy Skinner, 916-651-4009 (D – East Bay)

4) Bob Wieckowski, 916-651-4010 (D- Fremont/South East Bay)

5) Jeff Stone, 916-651-4028 (R – Riverside County, through San Bernardino National Forest & Joshua Tree)

If you are unsure, this link will identify your senator –

To stay informed, know that there are 3 stages coming in the Senate:

1) Senate Environmental Quality Committee. Emails due May 27 for June 5 hearing.

2) Senate Natural Resources and Water Committee. Planned for June 25 hearing.

3) Full Senate vote shortly thereafter.

If interested, you may donate to Citizens for Los Angeles Wildlife (CLAW) to help support their mission to help advocate for the protection of animals of Los Angles county.