Redlands Bicycle Classic: Stage 1 Time Trial

– YUCAIPA, Calif. –

The team started the 35th edition of the Redlands Bicycle Classic with an 11.3-kilometer out-and-back time trial.

Starting on the campus of the Crafton Hills College in Yucaipa, about six miles northeast of Redlands, the course took riders through a twisty first section as they motored off the school grounds and onto Sand Canyon Blvd.

The first section was a straight shot down the hill before making a sharp right on Dearborn avenue to a sharp left into a keyhole-like roundabout that would guide the riders back onto Dearborn and back onto Sand Canyon Blvd. They would make their way back up the hill they just went down, finishing with a final punch to the parking lot back on campus.

Maxx Chance talks with director, Danny Van Haute, and mechanic, Jeff Rowe, before he is called to the line.
Ryan Jastrab on the line.

Wind would end up being one of the main features of the day, next to the hill the riders would go down and back up. It was a cross-headwind on the way down and a cross-tailwind on the way back up. At the team car, many riders were discussing whether they would stay in the aerobar extensions all the way down on the non-technical steepest sections of the descent, or whether they would opt for more control on the basebars and sacrifice some aero gains.

The riders would all finish safely, with Sam Boardman as their top finisher in 13th, completing the course in 15:57, 36 seconds down from the winner.

Team Results: 11.3km Time Trial

13th – Sam Boardman: 15:57

53rd – Kent Ross: 16:54

76th – Maxx Chance: 17:04

88th – Finn Gullickson: 17:15

102nd – Ryan Kingsolver – 17:27

107th – Ryan Jastrab – 17:31

108th – Camden Vodicka – 17:31

113th – Quinten Kirby – 17:36