TEAM CAMP: Day 3-5 Photo Gallery

During the second half of team camp, riders met with sponsor representatives from ISM Saddles, JoJé Bar, and Athlos Sport Clothing Apparel to go over social media training and product promotion. They also conducted baseline concussion tests, led a local beach clean-up, and were fitted to their road and TT bike positions.

Camden Vodicka gets fitted to his Specialized Allez Road Bike.
Internationally-known trainer, bike fitter, and physician, Dr. Andy Pruitt, flew in from Boulder to assist in the team’s fits.
Team members had a variety of test-pedals provided by SpeedPlay that offered different lengths of spindle, including 50mm, 53mm, 56mm, and 59mm.
Dr. Pruitt is old school and likes to take handwritten notes in a journal during each bike fit.
Team mechanics work to assemble to Specialized Shiv TT bikes for the team.
Jeff Rowe dials in team bikes.
Sam Boardman, Ryan Jastrab, Ryan Kingsolver, and Maxx Chance go for a spin in between fits.
A closer look at the Specialized Shiv TT bike that the team will be riding for 2019. Mechanics waited to get the specs for the fits for each of the riders, hence why the extensions remain uncut in this photo.
One of the struggles with TT bike fits is remaining with the UCI regulations for maximum aerobar extension and saddle position. The team of Specialized Fitters try to optimize the position to allow for wiggle room with each rider and their position.
Finn Gullickson works with Dr. Andy Pruitt on his road bike fit.
Leveling out the ISM saddle for maximum comfort.
One of the tools used in the Retül proprietary fit system is what is known as the digital Ass-O-meter, which measures the width of your hips and sit-bones.
Co-founder/CEO of JoJé Bar and a pro cyclist for Hagens Berman|Supermint, Jess Cerra, meets and chats with Ryan Jastrab.
John Abate and Jess Cerra of JoJé Bar are interviewed.
The team conducts baseline concussion tests using the ImPact protocol. Just look at how excited Camden Vodicka is about preventative healthcare!
Riders conduct baseline concussion tests.
The proprietary stem caps to the Specialized Shiv TT modules. If you look closely, each of the caps has a section drilled out of it to allow for the internally-routed cables to naturally curve.
Maxx Chance signs a team jersey.
John Abate and Jess Cerra of JoJé Bar meet with Jaime Gutierrez of Athlos Sport Clothing Apparel.